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Danh Sách

http://www.vps-va.org/ Photograhic Society of Vienna, VA 
http://www.mcleanphoto.org/ McLean Photography Club, McLean, VA 
http://www.ssccphotography.org/ Silver Spring Camera Club, Silver Spring, MD 
http://www.nbccmd.org/ North Bethesda Camera Club, Bethesda, MD 
http://www.baltimorecameraclub.org/ Baltimore Camera Club, Baltimore, MD 
www.vnnphoto.com Vietnam Nature Photo, CA (soCal). President: Pham Viet. 
www.pscvn.org  Vietnamese Photographic Society of California, Stanton, CA (SoCal). President: Joe Keleman, Vice-President: B/S Nguyen Ban, Chief Operating Officer: Si Huynh. 
http://www.trucvienphoto.com/ Truc Vien Photography Club (Bay Area), San Jose, CA. Founded by Vu Cong Hien & Le Duc Te. One of the oldest Vietnamese photographic societies in Northern California. Meets every second Sunday of each month. See club's website for details. 
http://www.icsphoto.us Image Colleague Society, CA (SoCal). President and Founder: Tony Le Kim Thuan. 
www.vnphoto.net Vietnamese Photographic Society, Hanoi, Vietnam 
Northern Virginia Photographic Society Northern Virginia Photographic Society, Fairfax, VA. One of the oldest and largest photographic societies in NoVA with over 300 members. Meets 4 Tuesday evenings a month. See club's website for details.  
http://www.apavietnam.org Artistic Photography Association, Orange County, CA (SoCal). President: Le Van Khoa. The oldest Vietnamese photographic society in the USA. Founded in 1965 in Saigon, Vietnam. Its past and present roster of Officers and Members include many famous and legendary names in the history of Vietnamese Photograhy. 
http://www.ips-imfwb.org/ International Photographic Society (IMF/World Bank) , Washington,DC 
www.havnhouston.org  Photo Club of Vietnam-Houston, Houston, TX . Founded by Dang duc Hien. 
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