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How to have my own photo album page on VNPS website?

posted Nov 20, 2009, 7:14 AM by Ly Vuong   [ updated Nov 20, 2009, 7:45 AM ]

First, you need an online photo album. There are many online web based photo albums services, it's very easy to register & get an account for free. For example:
Once you have a free photo albums account, please let us know & we will create an album page for you.
Please send us an email, Editors@VNPS.net, with following information:
  • Your name.
  • Online Photo Albums services name (ie. Picas, Flickr, or SnapFish)
  • Photo Album user account name (NO password please! We do NOT need your log-in password)
  • Photo album name, which you would like to show case your pictures.
Besides a picture & slides show of your album on your page, we can also put other information for other members & viewers to know a bit about yourself:
  • Other related information (optional):
    • The year you had joined VNPS
    • Any awards
    • Member of any photographic societies, ie. PSA, FIAP
    • Gears use
    • Your favorite photographers
    • What kind of photos would you like to shoot
    • ... anything you would like to share, your shooting experience ...etc.

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