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VNPS 2010 Awards - Digital Section

Danh Sách Giải Thưởng - VNPS 2010 Digital Images

GiảiTác GiảTác Phẩm
1st Place Lai Dan Meal Of The Day 
2nd Place Vu Anh Blue Shadows 
3rd Place Ngo Quyen I Am Hungry 
Best of Show Trần Quốc Sĩ Wings 
Honorable Mention Diec David Water Lilies 
Honorable Mention Do Linh Butterfly 4 
Honorable Mention Hoang Hiep Portrait 
Honorable Mention Hoàng Việt Dũng July 4th Fireworks 
Honorable Mention Hoàng Việt Dũng Birds From Heaven 
Honorable Mention Hồ Xuân Phương Autumn Leaves 
Honorable Mention Le Tam US Capitol At Night 
Honorable Mention Le Tam Bee At Work 
Honorable Mention Luu Vu Moping 
Honorable Mention Ngo Quyen Happy Family 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Calvin In Your Eyes 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Daniel Nose 2 Nose 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Daniel Double Wings 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Daniel Leap 1 
Honorable Mention Nguyễn Diana Happy Girl 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Tri Divergent Thinking 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Viet River Walk 
Honorable Mention Nguyen Viet Park The Boat 
Honorable Mention Quach Cuong Peek-A-Boo 
Honorable Mention Tran Ha The Pure - Thanh Khiết 
Honorable Mention Tran Ha Tanning - Tắm Nắng 
Honorable Mention Tran Lap Reflective Moment 
Honorable Mention Trần Quốc Sĩ Giant Day Gecko 
Honorable Mention Tran Tuan Watching His Steps 
Honorable Mention Trương Anh Thuỵ Gold, Pure and Green 
Honorable Mention Tu Lan Flower Filmstrip 
Honorable Mention Vu Van Le Biểu Diễn Cá 
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